How to Find the Proper Roof Installation in Westchester

Thinking about getting a new roof installation for this upcoming summer season in Westchester, NY? If you’re contemplating on installing a new roof for your home, you may be one of the many who hope to simply do a shingle over in order to avoid any extra costs, or mess of starting from scratch on your roof in general.

Although the idea of a new shingle over may sound like a good idea to you, our experts at Exact Fit Exteriors can assure you that the cons often heavily outweigh the pros. In fact, the ONLY pro to a shingle over is the fact that it’s cheaper and cleaner.

Ask yourself:
1.    What if there is an unknown leak, or bad roof flashing?
2.    Will the roofer you hire fix that or will that damaged wood be replaced during a shingle over?
3.    What if some of the roof decking has buckled and warped over the years; is that going to be noticed and fixed during a shingle over?

Apart from the problems that can go unnoticed during the actual shingle over, there are long term effects to consider as well.
•    Instead of just one roof on your home, you now basically have two, adding a lot of weight on top of your property.
•    Two layers of shingles are going to attract a lot more heat than just one layer, which can lead to the shingles prematurely deteriorating.
•    What about all that dark algae growth and bacteria on the original layer of shingles? Do you want all of that trapped under a 2nd layer of shingles, again having the potential to shorten the lifespan of the top layer of shingles?

Over the years, we’ve seen the problems that can be caused by shingle overs. Does it cost more to tear off the entire roof and start over? Yes. Is roof installation in Westchester, NY a lengthier process than simply adding shingles? Yes. However, by spending a little more now, you can save yourself thousands in the long run, especially if you hire the right roofers such as the knowledgeable roofing contractors of Exact Fit to handle your roof installation in Westchester, NY.

Most pitched roofs:
•    Have a network of frames to support the structure and its covering
•    There are two main types of wooden frames — a cut roof and a trussed roof — which are sometimes combined to achieve more complex roofs.
•    Both types of roof construction takes expert knowledge and experience to be installed correctly, especially if you are installing a new roof to guard against the coming rain and snow.

You can count on the expert roofers of Exact Fit to complete your roof installation in Westchester, NY with care and precision. No matter what kind of project you’re planning – Commercial Roofing or Residential Roofing – Exact Fit Exteriors can handle it! Before you can start any work on a roof, your roofing contractor needs to understand how the roof’s elements combine to create a waterproof layer. This varies according to design, age, type of covering, and climate. Contact Exact Fit at: 914-774-6334 to get started on your roof installation in Westchester, NY today!