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What commercial roofing material is best for my business?

There are a variety of materials available to business owners looking to install, repair, or replace their facility’s roofing. Most commercial buildings have flat roofs. Flat roofs have little or no angular slope to them. Flat roofs are easier to construct, protect and maintain than pitched (sloped) roofs and are the preferred roof style for commercial applications. But which flat-roof product is the best for your application?

Types of Commercial Roofing Applications

Built-up roof—a built-up roof (BUR) is a common and effective choice for a lot of reasons. A built-up roofing surface, also known as a tar-and-gravel roof, is made up of layers of reinforcing fabrics that create a waterproof membrane across the surface of the roof. A top coat of gravel is then spread to make the finish more attractive and less likely to absorb the heat of the sun.

Built-up roofs do tend to be expensive because of the amount of labor involved in installing and sealing the various material layers that make up the roof. Built-up roofs may also require additional joist bracings due to their weight.

Bitumen roofs—bitumen is a mixture of minerals with petroleum derivatives… essentially, it’s tar. A bitumen roof is one that has a layer of a bitumen-permeated fabric rolled out across the surface of a flat roof and then heated or glued down. Bitumen roofs are effective at sealing and reflecting the heat of the sun, but it is not as robust as other roofing materials.

PVC roofs—is polyvinyl chloride; an engineered product of plastic polymers that comes in large rolls and are rolled out over the surface of the roof. Because PVC rolls are cut in specific lengths, a wide-spread application of PVC for a roof means that there will be seams in the roofing materials. The seams are taped or glued together, but when they fail, they are an exposure to the elements that may damage your roof.

Sprayed roofs—made of a liquid silicone-based material, sprayed roofs are effective in that they can be directed to cover small spots or problems areas that may be difficult or impossible to reach with a cut-and-paste roofing surface. There also are no seams in a sprayed roof, so there is less chance of leakage and failure of the seam. Many times, a sprayed roof can be recovered or patched with another application.

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