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Roofing material options

The type of roofing material most homeowners are familiar are the asphalt shingle type. About 80 percent of homes in America have asphalt shingle roofs. This type of roofing material is effective, lightweight, and durable. Asphalt shingles come in a variety of colors, textures, and shapes that add attractive looks to their list of positives. But if asphalt shingles are the most common material, what are the other options? You may want to consider alternative materials for your roof like:

Metal: roofs made of sheet metal used to be strictly an industrial application, but metal roofing materials have come a long way as technology advances and homeowners have discovered the benefits of a metal roof. The metal used in these roofing materials may be steel, aluminum, copper or zinc alloy. Most are coated with a painted finish and a weatherproofing coat. Copper is often left to age naturally, as it will develop a desirable and attractive green patina over time. Metal is resistant to fire, wind, sunlight, and heat. A metal roof can be economical or expensive depending upon the metal used.

Clay tile: tiled roofs are charming and classically elegant. Most often a shade of terra cotta, the clay used in roofing tiles is durable and weather resistant. The clay is brittle however, and may be prone to damage by impact. Clay is a natural material that has been used for centuries. It is weighty and can be expensive to install and maintain.

Slate: slate roofs are a traditional (that is, one of the oldest) roofing materials used. Slate is durable, attractive, and gives the roof surface an architectural structural that looks like it was there forever. Slate roofing tiles are made from natural stone, so while it is resistant to fire, weather, and impact, it is heavy. Slate roofs are usually reinforced to handle the load of the roofing material, and this type of shingle most often requires a trained professional with experience installing slate roofs.

Polymer: A plastic polymer is used to make next-generation roofing tiles that resemble natural materials like wood or slate shingles, provide durable good looks, and provide effective protection from wind, weather, and fire. Some plastic polymer roofing materials may contain recycled materials, making them economical and eco-friendly.  Plastic polymer roofs are lightweight and easily installed at a moderate cost.

Concrete: Roof tiles made from concrete are sturdy, weather and fire resistant, and can be made to look like natural materials like clay tiles, wood or slate. Concrete roofing is heavy and may require additional support added to the roof structure to bear the weight.

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