Vinyl Siding Company Westchester NY

Styles of vinyl siding

Vinyl siding for your home is an investment in long-lasting good looks and performance against the elements. Vinyl siding is dent proof, scratch proof, lightweight, easily installed over existing surfaces, and comes in many colors, textures, and designs. It’s popular (and relatively inexpensive) to mix the color and/or textures of vinyl siding to create a unique look and a special charm all its own. A professional contractor experienced in vinyl siding design and installation, like Exact Fit Exteriors, can help you choose the right style siding for your home and your vision for it after the job is done.

Colors and designs

Vinyl siding is manufactured and available in several design styles that mimic more traditional siding materials like wood panels or cedar shake. And vinyl siding is manufactured with the color not just on the surface but throughout the material, so seams are less obvious and scratches go unseen. Some choices of siding styles include:

Horizontal “Lap” Boardsiding boards that overlap along their long sides are known as horizontal lap boards. This style is most traditional, simple, and classic. It will never look dated or contrived. This style of siding is often called “clapboard” siding. A subset of this style of siding is the “Dutch Notch” style of siding, where the boards overlap on a mitered section of the board below.

Vertical “Board-and-Batten” Panels—the boards do not overlap horizontally but rather they abut each other vertically; the seams run up and down the surface of the siding and are covered with a thinner board—a batten. This style of siding is especially weather resistant, and it can be used in all kinds of applications, from traditional bead board to striking modern designs.

Cedar Shake Boards—rustic and typical of New England cottages, cedar shake siding is traditionally individual planks of cedar wood arranged together in rows overlapping each other across the surface of the house. Natural cedar shake begins life exhibiting a rich red-brown color that will weather and fade over time into a bleached gray tone that typifies this material. Vinyl siding manufacturing techniques allow convincing mimics of this style of siding to be created, and they can be as colorful or as natural looking as you choose it to be.

Logs—representing the next step in vinyl siding manufacturing and technology, log-style vinyl siding is a style that replicates the look, texture, and dimension of real wood logs. The surface of this style of siding protrudes out from the vertical and rolls toward the seams, effectively recreating the look of a log home, without the expense, maintenance, and labor involved. A simulated wood grain makes log siding believable looking, even up close.

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