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Why should you hire a local contractor after a weather event?

If the roof on your home or business around Briarcliff Manor or anywhere in Westchester County has sustained damage during a weather event, there are several important reasons you should hire Exact Fit Exteriors, a local roofing contractor, to complete any necessary repairs or reroofing.

There typically are many “storm chasers” and other outfits soliciting work after an area like Briarcliff has been affected by weather. Some are legitimate businesses performing legitimate work; others are not. There have been many reports after a storm passes of consumers being taken advantage of by out-of-area or unscrupulous contractors.

It is important for the work to be done correctly and meet the building codes in Briarcliff or other municipalities. There is no one more familiar with your area’s requirements than Exact Fit Exteriors, a local licensed and insured contractor who is used to handling the requirements of your town like Briarcliff.

In some regions, stringent requirements apply to the installation of all roof systems and related products. In the case of major repairs, it also may be necessary to upgrade certain structural elements, such as roof-to-wall anchoring and truss securement, so they will comply with the current code.

If you hire a contractor from outside the Briarcliff area, they may not be familiar with the requirements of your municipality; the result could be substandard installations that will not perform over time. Even worse, these contractors may not even be properly licensed or carry the correct insurance to perform the work. This can put you at risk if there are any claims or damages related to the work performed.

In addition, local spending is the key to driving the economy in Briarcliff Manor and surrounding towns in Westchester County. During the response and recovery phases after a storm, it is critical that local contractors lead the effort to clean up and repair. One of the most important factors for starting the recovery process is getting local businesses and service providers back up and running, generating cash flow through the local economies.

By hiring Exact Fit Exteriors, you can help ensure the dollars spent toward your roofing repairs or new roof system installations stay within your community. Exact Fit Exteriors have a vested interest in the recovery of the communities in which we live and work.

Make the smart choice and hire locally after a storm. Your neighbors, community and local businesses will appreciate your participation in the recovery effort. When you need roofing services after a weather event—or at any other time—call the experts at Exact Fit Exteriors at: 914.774.6334